Maison Poulain stands for high quality, Belgian made and timeless design; clothes that are made to make you (everybody!) feel good on the bike.
But most of all, Maison Poulain strives to be as sustainable and durable as possible. Because, what is cycling without the beautiful surroundings we ride in.

Graaf van landaststraat 121
9700 Oudenaarde



About the brand

We experienced first hand how riding a bike can change your life. If it is the daily commute or the weekend club ride, it can have a great impact on yourself and the environment. This is why we wanted to contribute to this beautiful sport, hoping to make it even greater than what it already is.

Belgium, and in particular Flanders, has a cycling culture unlike any other. Spring classics, cycling clubs and cyclocross (besides beer and French fries) are rooted into the DNA of people in the region. The anticipation to the first classics of the season is palpable when going over news reports and it is yearning for its heroes to ride the cobbles again.

An important note is we try to do everything as sustainable and durable as possible. Being conscious about our resources is key.

We are small, independant and do things our way.

Welcome to the movement! #mypoulain