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Just some mud

Every weekend the Scheldepeloton flies past the atelier of RDC Keramiek (ceramics) in Zwalm (on their way to the vicious Konkel climb). Heart of the Flemish Ardennes. I passed by the window dozens of times without even noticing what was hidden. One day I hazardly watched to the right, curiosity kicked in and made me turn around and step off the bike. Behind the window, unique ceramic pieces. Works of art. Works of art made to hold espresso. Espresso, the black gold for many cyclists. I just had to have a closer look.

Talking to Regine, the woman behind RDC Keramiek, it quickly turned out she shared our philosophy and care for the planet. And so, the ball got rolling.

It was love at first sight when Regine was introduced to pottery and ceramic creation at Artschool almost a decade ago. She started developing her skills in the atelier of a friend but quickly wanted to create pieces of her own creative vision. Small batches, unique pieces, slow down and take the much needed time. In 2018 she opened her own shop.

Why the passion for clay, she explains herself:

“Clay is a wonderful material. With just some ‘mud’ and water the possibilities are endless. I am still amazed at the versatility of the material. When I am working, I forget about the world. I focus on the details. Just me and the clay”

All that passion and expertise were added to our first Maison Poulain espresso cups. As always, timeless and minimalist. Soon a #coffeeride with #mypoulain coffee cups?