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We believe clothing should be made to last.

Even when you crash.

These iron-on patches are easy to use, created to repair small tears or snags at home.

The “patched up” patch is 6cm x 3cm, the “MSN PLN” patch is 4cm x 4cm.

Apply the patch, using a domestic iron and a tea towel. Use a high temperature and keep your iron nice and flat.

Tested on and approved for Maison Poulain fabrics. 

With pressure and high temperature you can fasten your press-on badges onto textile. To do that, you press your badge onto the fabric for about 25 seconds with a pressure of 4 bars and a temperature of about 160°C.

This will melt the adhesive onto the surface underneath. To avoid damage, check in advance whether or not your clothing can withstand those high temperatures.

You can also use an iron to secure the badge by turning the iron to the highest setting and, without using steam, applying as much as possible downward pressure onto the emblem for at least 25 seconds. You repeat this until all the edges of the patch are firmly in place. Is your badge not sticking firmly enough? Repeat the ironing instructions, but this time along the reverse side of your clothing. The heat of your iron or press doesn’t have to penetrate through the thickness of your badge.

How well your badge will stick also depends on the type of fabric onto which you stick it. Obviously, you can also press the iron-on badge first and then sew the edges extra firmly.

What you’ll need:
– Domestic Iron
– Ironing Board
– Thin damp Cloth
– Repair Kit

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Review the repair; Make sure the area is clean, and pressed flat
Step 2: Place the repair section flat on an ironing board.
Step 3: Place the repair patch to completely cover the hole, with the shiny side down.
Step 4: Place a thin, damp cotton cloth or clean tea towel over the patch.
Step 5: Set the iron temperature to the maximum setting or three dots.
Step 6:Place the iron on the cloth over the repair patch and repair. Hold down for 25 seconds (ensure no steam is used).
Allow to cool for a few minutes.

Is your badge not sticking firmly enough?
Turn garment inside out and repeat step 4-5-6.

You are now ready to use your repaired garment!