Maison Poulain stands for high quality, Belgian made and timeless design; clothes that are made to make you (everybody!) feel good on the bike.
But most of all, Maison Poulain strives to be as sustainable and durable as possible. Because, what is cycling without the beautiful surroundings we ride in.

Graaf van landaststraat 121
9700 Oudenaarde



what we stand for

Maison Poulain was created because we couldn’t find what we were looking for. Because, in spite of the fact that we all want to ride the most beautiful roads, the cycling and fashion industry still has a huge impact on our planet. Therefore, however much we wanted to create this brand, we could only create this brand in the most ethical and environmentally friendly way that we know. We still have a lot to learn but each day, we strive to do better, each day we are determined to make better choices.

Minimal use of plastic. To minimize our impact on our planet, we assessed the whole production chain and reduced the use of single-use plastic as much as possible. Some examples? We refused to use plastic in the packaging of our products. Even our manufacturer agreed to exclude any plastic packaging when handling Maison Poulain products. We choose to sell a bio-based bidon made out of the renewable raw material, sugar cane (instead of fossil fuels based plastic).

Local. Producing locally may mean a higher production cost, but we are convinced it is the only way to go. Firstly, we minimize transportation costs, therefore, reducing our ecological footprint. Secondly, we support our local economy, businesses that are brave enough to produce in Belgium (or neighboring countries) and that stand for quality. By keeping things local, we also maintain a close relationship with our partners and can keep a close eye on working conditions. Because we refuse to contribute to unfair working conditions. 

And of course, there is our cultural heritage. Belgium, the heart of cycling, right?!

Slow fashion. Fashion industry goes way too fast in our opinion, and takes a heavy toll on the environment. We feel like, although we are part of that industry, we do not want to contribute to the burden on the planet. That’s why we go for a low stock approach (and thus less waist) and aim for timeless and minimal designs that don’t follow seasonal fleeting fashion trends. We’d rather make a jersey you’ll love for years to come!

Diversity. We strive to be an all-inclusive brand. Riding is a joy that everyone should be able to experience. We want to be a partner in transforming the cycling world into a world where people of all colour, gender, shape, and form are welcomed and represented.

And also: Yes to Body Positivity!

Partners. We choose our partners wisely. Not only do they strive for quality, they share our values for human rights and environmentalism.