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Belgian Cycling Fashion

Be you. Be bold. Be free.

Maison Poulain stands for high quality, Belgian made and timeless design. Clothes that are made to make you (everybody!) feel good on the bike.
But most of all, Maison Poulain strives to be as sustainable and durable as possible. Because, what is cycling without the beautiful surroundings we ride in.

We firmly believe that what you wear has the power to make you happy and confident.


Curated collection

In order to evolve, to better ourselves & our brand we need to let things go. Even though we do not believe in fast fashion and high discount rates, we host a curated sale so we can evolve in an even better Maison Poulain. Have a look at the selected range and invest in a consciously-made, luxurious cycling jersey while at the same time allowing us to continue improving our brand.

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Slow Fashion for epic rides


Made in Belgium


Short production chain


Unique Belgian fabrics

Where To Find Our Products

Products are displayed at:

Tussenbruggen 20, 9700 Oudenaarde

Shop at:

Centrum Ronde Van Vlaanderen

Markt 43, 9700 Oudenaarde

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